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Updates to Towny


Staff member
Hello everyone,

We've added a few new changes to the Towny server!

First off, we've enabled TNT and Bed Explosions in the Overworld, Nether and End.
Creepers, Withers, etc. all now explode and do block damage as it would in a normal survival game.

We've also updated the Chest Shops to allow you to break the chests without needing an Admin to come and break them for you, lol.
You now need to crouch-click on a chest to begin the creation of the Chest Shop.

We're also getting closer to adding the Custom Enchantments!
I believe the Custom Enchantments should be coming to the Towny server soon™️, but we'll continue to update the community as we go!

If you have any questions or suggestions for more updates, please use the Suggestion section of the forums! :D