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  1. Zenomac

    Giving new players items

    Hello everyone, It has been brought to my attention that there might be old players giving end-game gear to new players. Please do not give new players end-game gear or anything else like that unless they ask for it. The experience of the game is ruined when a new player is giving all they...
  2. Zenomac

    Buyable Bonus Plots update - Towny

    Buyable bonus plots are coming to Towny! Towny Levels - # of Residents - Bonus Plots Available for Purchase - Cost: Ruins - 0 - 2 - $2,500 Settlement - 1 - 4 - $5,000 Hamlet - 2 - 8 - $10,000 Village - 6 - 10 - $12,50 Town - 10 - 15 - $18,750 Large Town - 14 - 20 - $25,000 City - 20 - 25 -...
  3. Zenomac

    Resource Worlds

    Hello everyone, After thinking about it a bit more, I believe that having a resource world might benefit the community. I'm setting up a poll here for whether or not we should add a resource world to the server. Thanks, Zenomac
  4. Zenomac

    Updates to Towny

    Hello everyone, We've added a few new changes to the Towny server! First off, we've enabled TNT and Bed Explosions in the Overworld, Nether and End. Creepers, Withers, etc. all now explode and do block damage as it would in a normal survival game. We've also updated the Chest Shops to allow...
  5. Zenomac

    Grand Hardcore Server Reopening

    Hello everyone, We are currently gearing ready to re-release the Hardcore server back into the Network! We are aiming for the server to be completed by December 1st. We've created an event on our discord so you don't forget! Thanks, Zenomac
  6. Zenomac

    New Server Location

    Hello everyone! We have moved the server location from Germany to Chicago IL. For anyone who doesn't know, this means lower latency, faster loading speeds, and overall a better player experience! Thanks for hanging with us while we made this change!
  7. Zenomac

    Welcome to the Hydrix Network Forums!

    Welcome to the Hydrix Network Forums! On the forums, you can create any posting you'd like! We want you to show off your progress on the forums! Of course, there are a few rules to the forums: - No NSFW - Keep your postings relating to the forum - No excessive cursing If you're wondering why...